• PC breathable valve
  • M6 series
  • M8 series
  • M10 series
  • M12 series
  • M24 series
  • Snap-in type
  • Press-in type
  • AL breathable valve
  • M5 series
  • M8 series
  • M12 series
  • M20 series
  • M40 series
  • Brass breathable valve
  • M5 series
  • Grounding type
  • Stainless steel valve
  • M5 series
  • M12 series
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  • ·Automobile manufacturing industry
  • ·Led outdoor lighting industry
  • ·Communications equipment
  • PBALM20 Explosion- proof valve
  • PSM12*1.5-6 plastic screw vent
  • PCuYM5*0.8-4 plastic screw vent
  • PAM12*1.5-10 black plastic screw vent
  • PUWYR7.5-12 black plastic screw vent
  • PUWKK8.5-3.6 black plastic screw vent
  • PUWKK8.5-4.5 black plastic screw vent
  • M24*1.5-15 Gray white plastic screw vent
  • M12*1.25-10 plastic screw vent
  • M12*1.5-6 plastic screw vent
  • M10*1.0 Gray white plastic screw vent
  • M8*1.0 black plastic screw vent
  • M8*1.0 Gray white plastic screw vent
  • M8*1.0 dark grey plastic screw vent
  • M6*0.75 black plastic screw vent
  • M6*0.75 dark grey plastic screw vent
  • M6*0.75 Gray white plastic screw vent
  • Solar photovoltic system
    Accumulator cell
    Communication equipment
    Cellphone Speaker
    Auto headlamp
    Auto-head light
    Auto ECU controller
    Senstive electronic bloothheadse
    Base Station  case equipment
    Waterproof digital camera and waterproof shaver
    Motive power battery
    Electric toothbrush
    Surf boards
    Frequency convert case
    LED streetlight
    LED outdoor lighting No.8
    LED outdoor lighting No.7
    LED outdoor lighting No.6
    LED outdoor lighting No.5
    LED outdoor lighting No.4
    LED outdoor lighting No.3
    LED outdoor lighting No.2
    LED outdoor lighting No.1
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